SOUTHERN AFRICAN HEALTH TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT SOCIETY (SAHTAS) is a scientific and society for all those who produce, use, or encounter HTA in Southern Africa. SAHTAS embraces all stakeholders, including researchers, agencies, policymakers, industry, academia, health service providers, and patients/consumers, and acts as a neutral forum for collaboration and the sharing of information and expertise in Southern Africa.

Any person interested in supporting and promoting the development, communication, understanding and use of health technology assessment (HTA) in Southern Africa is eligible for membership provided that the nature of his/her practice is such as to give him/her a special interest in the subject of HTA. The Society has following categories of membership.

Membership Fee Structure

  • Full membership – R250
  • Associate – R200 
  • Student – R100
  • Institutional/Organizational – R1000

Please complete the membership application form and email to: 

[acc_item title=”Full Membership:”]Any person with a recognized qualification linked to HTA shall be entitled to apply for Full Membership. Recognized qualification will be determined from time to time by the Executive committee.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Associate Membership:”]Persons who do not hold a recognised qualification but are involved with the discipline shall be entitled to apply for Associate Membership. Associate Members shall not have voting rights in matters affecting the Organization, and their participation in the activities of the Organization shall be limited to professional and technical matters.[/acc_item][acc_item title=”Student Membership:”] Any person who is registered as a student for a recognised qualification in HTA b entitled to apply for student membership.[/acc_item][acc_item title=”Honorary Membership:”]Honorary Membership may be granted by the Executive Committee of the Organization to persons who qualify for such membership in terms of the Memorandum and Articles of Organization. Honorary Members shall be entitled to such privileges as may from time to time be determined by the Executive Committee of the Organization.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Institutional Membership:”] Organisations who are involved with HTA shall be entitled to apply for Institutional Membership.[/acc_item][/accordion]

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